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The first joywave fundraising campaign, to support marine conservation in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a surfer's paradise, boasting perfect, slowly crashing waves, set after set. However, the country's marine ecosystems are under substantial threat.


Fortunately, the Lanka Environment Fund exists, supporting grassroots projects that are protecting and restoring this spectacular country's underwater landscape.

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so, we organised a Fundraising Campaign!

Surf Sri Lanka / Save The Ocean

Surfers from all around the UK donated and fundraised in late 2023 to protect the waves of Sri Lanka.

Dionne, Lou, and Ella from Saunton Surf Sisters fundraised ferociously and were drawn at random to join the joywave team for a week in a surfer's paradise - Ahangama, Sri Lanka.



prize 1:
Ticket to Ride Surf House

Learn from former World Tour Surfer, Nikita Robb

  • A week of sunrise and sunset surfs,  plus  daily video analysis to track progress and rooftop yoga

  • Learn about Sri Lanka's innovative conservation projects from marine biologist, National Geographic Explorer, and pioneer of blue whale research, Dr Asha de Vos

  • Whale observation experience, to see this conservation work in action, and to support data collection of whale behavioural changes over time

Book your own Ticket To Ride trip here


prize 2:
Weekend at Villa Capella

Surf weekend for 9 friends at the UK's only World Surf Reserve

  • Witness the natural beauty of North Devon through a surf weekend at Villa Capella

  • Includes surf racks, pool, cinema, and more

  • Book your own stay at Capella here. Quote 'joywave' to receive a hamper from local sustainable brands :))



50% of funds donated to:
Lanka Environment Fund

£892.50 donated in January 2024 to Lanka Environment Fund to protect the waves of Sri Lanka through grassroots conservation projects.


Current initiatives include ‘Cleaner Seabeds’ : cleaning coral reefs and the seabed in sensitive marine habitats from marine litter such as abandoned, lost and discarded fishing gear. 

Impact update to follow.


50% of funds donated to:
Devon Environment Foundation

With our first group of fundraisers residing in the UK, £892.50 was donated in January 2024 to Devon Environment Foundation to protect the waves in North Devon - recently recognised as the UK's first World Surf Reserve.

Funding has been specifically directed to Plastic Free North Devon, to drastically reduce the consumption of single-use plastic, and remove it from the local environment.

Impact update to follow.


Join our community!

The environmental crisis is the biggest problem our generation will collectively face. We can't claim to have the answers to everything.


So we want to build joywave with you.

Join the IG Broadcast Channel today to learn about nature-based solutions, hear about events to connect with like-minded individuals, and discover how you can support conservation projects across the world.

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