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If you're here, you probably care about the planet.

And by caring, that likely means trying to minimise your negative impacts. But how about we help you increase your POSITIVE impacts as well?


Here at joywave, we believe a critically important way to do this lies in the immense power of nature-based solutions.


Protecting and restoring diverse ecosystems harbours huge benefits for our Planet. 


However, sometimes there are scientific and/or cultural barriers that make it difficult to know how and where to put your time,  effort and money.

We're here to change that and build a movement - with you - to protect nature so it can protect us. We are here to simplify and amplify conservation.

part 1: we find conservation projects

We're working hard to create pathways to the most ambitious, innovative, impactful - and importantly, locally-led - conservation and restoration initiatives around the world.

So that together, we can celebrate, support, and scale their work to protect the critical natural ecosystems they understand better than anyone else.

part 2: show your support

Get involved and contribute

We team up with these conservation projects to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences, so you can learn about their work and get hands-on involved.

To gain access to these trips, you need to fill in a very short application, along with a small donation.

We want those most passionate to join us on these trips, so one person will be picked from each donation level.

Watch highlights here from our recent Sri Lanka surf and marine conservation trip with fundraisers from Devon, UK


part 3: win, learn, and
adventure with the
joywave team

Join our community!

The environmental crisis is the biggest problem our generation will collectively face. We can't claim to have the answers to everything.


So we want to build joywave with you.

Join the IG Broadcast Channel today to learn about nature-based solutions, hear about events to connect with like-minded individuals, and discover how you can support conservation projects across the world.

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